How to Make Non Alcoholic Cocktails For Holiday Time

The holidays are a time for tradition you can share with the whole family. Families are always looking for ways to involve the children in family activities. What better way to involve the children during the holidays than with mixed drinks cocktails. These do not have to be an alcoholic beverage despite the use of the word cocktail. This is because the definition of the word cocktail literally means to mix different drinks together to create a new flavor. This means the sky is the limit in terms of flavor combinations you can create with your children. Explore this wonderful world and create something to share for generations to come.Nothing says summer like sitting on lawn furniture with a frozen daiquiri or margarita. This is of course something you will not be able to share with the children unless you make some alterations. The classic summer cocktails for adults will include some kind of vodka like Smirnoff. The idea when making cocktails to share with the children is to make them fun, yet to still make them appear like the classic drink. You can create a frozen drink out of just about any juice and ice simply by tossing them in a blender and mixing it until it is smooth.Another way you can create great summer mixed drinks cocktails is to create anything with a Hawaiian twist to it. Something which is fun for children is when there is pineapple juice and some kind of bright color. You can buy flavored syrups which will either be red for a cherry flavor or blue for a raspberry flavor. Mix together with pineapple juice along with orange and lemonade. Pour the cocktail over ice in a tall glass with an umbrella and a slice of pineapple, lemon, lime and cherry.You may be looking for something which will be perfect for Christmas. This is traditionally eggnog or some kind of spiced drink. Rather than serving your children the drink loaded with calories, consider making a hot spiced drink. One fun suggestion is to take apple cider and prepare it on the stove with cinnamon, clove, vanilla bean and black peppercorns. You can even top off the whole thing with whipped cream. Even the adults will enjoy the recipes for alcoholic drinks without the addition of gin or anything else that will carry along a buzz.One of the best winter mixed drinks cocktails you can create for New Year`s Eve is a popular sparkling beverage the whole family can enjoy. The idea is to create something which will look like you are drinking champagne, yet without the alcohol. Some will buy a sparkling cider, but there is no fun in making that. A better idea is to buy some white grape juice concentrate and mix it with your favorite sparkling water. The result will be a juice which is sparkling with the full flavor as if you had created it with regular water.


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